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Why Are Bulldogs So Expensive ?

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Bulldogs are a very photogenic and popular breed of dog. They also have a great look that people love both as adult dogs and as a puppy. It is a breed that looks good no matter how old it is.

Most of the time bulldogs must have artificial insemination in order to breed and a c-section is usually required to deliver the puppies at birth. Usually, a c-section will cost $500 to $750 during regular vet hours. It will cost more on holidays, weekends and after office hours.

There are several reasons why bulldogs often need c-sections.

They include high water rates where the puppies are unable to pass through the mother’s birth canal, the puppies having large shoulders and heads, and heat and stress factors might cause difficulties for the bulldog. It can be quite time-consuming compared to many other breeds of dogs where delivery, birth and raising the puppies are taken care of by the mother dog.

To breed a bulldog will cost around $500 for the stud/semen service. The average size of a litter is 4 puppies. There are also pre-breeding tests for the mother dog, x-rays, exams, and ultra-sounds.

It will cost a breeder around $1,500 to $3,000 for a litter. A majority of time after a litter is born they will need to be helped with the feeding. In general, a breeder will spend time every couple of hours with the mother and litter during feeding time.

Bulldogs are a special breed of dog that requires assistance from humans to raise a litter to 8 weeks old.

Quality pet bulldogs are usually sold by reputable breeders for $1,400 to $2,000. The breeder should be available if you need assistance and provider you with information on the puppy’s liter as well as history or the stock to show any health issues or other problems.

A good breeder will offer a contract that protects both the breeder and you and to ensure the dog is healthy and explains any potential issues. You should also purchase a bulldog from an AKC registered breeder. Other registry groups have lower standards. If you want a bulldog you must pay the price but they are definitely worth it. In addition to the purchase price, there are other expenses associated with the breed, such as palate, patella and eye surgery. So make sure to buy a healthy bulldog from a reputable breeder.

The breeder should be honest and be happy to answer any questions that you have. The goal should be to provide beautiful and healthy puppies and improve the breed where possible.

You should avoid pet stores since they frequently inflate the prices on bulldog puppies by up to $1,50 or even more. Usually, these dogs also come from puppy mills and will end up having health problems later on. Also read some more blogs .

You have saved your money and done thorough research on the bulldog breed. So now you need to be patient and make sure you get a quality bulldog puppy for your efforts. One of the advantages of a bulldog is since they are expensive it often prevents people from purchasing them on impulse without realizing what they are getting into.Read more about The Bulldog Breeder

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