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Many crafters end up not selling their work because they just don’t know where to go. Online venues can be the perfect solution! However, in case you aren’t sure exactly how to find websites that will let you sell your handicrafts, I’ve decided to do a review of several places. Please feel free to let me know of any I’ve missed or your experiences with the craft websites listed here.

This is a fairly new venue for crafters, but it looks good. Most of the products seem to be of very high quality and the prices are decent, so you won’t be forced to lowball your products. The layout is quite professional and sign up is free. You will need a credit card to confirm identity, they are very strict about security policies.

Fees: Free to sign up, 20 cents per item, plus 3.5% upon sale
Arts Efest
This site is fairly large, so you’ll have plenty of competition. It bills itself as an online craft show. The list of categories in the sidebar is almost too extensive, but will help people find exactly what they are looking for. Some items seem to be a bit on the cheap side, so you might need to drop your prices a little. Payment is through PayPal.

This site offers two options. You can sign up to be listed in their crafters´ directory if you already have a website, or you can sign up to get a webpage on efest.

Fees: Between $14-18 per month if you build a site through them, $8 monthly if you already have a website (discounts are available if you pay for the year)
Handmade Catalog
A nice, clean looking website that offers a very extensive variety. The prices here seem to be very decent, shipping can be included or you can charge separately. Payment is by check or PayPal.

Handmade offers three different memberships. The Basic package lets you try things out, where you can list up to 50 items. The Standard package allows up to 250 products, plus 3 listings per year on the main page. The Professional package is the most expensive and lets you have a special URL, features your business name on their Crafter’s List, plus you can list up to 1,200 products and have up to 5 products per year on the main page.

Fees: Basic is $4.95 per month, plus a 15% commission, Standard charges 7.95 per month, plus a 10% commission, and Professional is $12.95 per month with a 5% commission on top. Each package has a discount if you pay annually.

Craft Mall
This online mall is professionally designed and lets you design your own home page, complete with your own business logo. The nice thing about Craft Mall is that they also allow you to use your own domain name, if you wish.

Selling features are more advanced on this website. You can create your own coupons with expiration dates, set up sales that start and end automatically and sell in bulk or offer special discounts. Using these features can also get you a spot in their newsletter. Payment is through PayPal or your own merchant account.

Fees: Basic accounts range from $7.95-47.95 per month for 15-500 products, Premium accounts range from $14.95-54.95 a month for 25-650 products and include several benefits.

Kinfolk Crafts
This website offers fully customizable webpages where you can upload 10 products to sell. They maintain your site for you and payment is through PayPal. You can add your own domain name if you wish. You can also do an upgrade from a webpage to a website, but they don’t specify how many products this includes or how much it costs.

Kinfolk Crafts seems to lean more toward country style crafting and clothing, so if that is your niche, this may be a good website for you. However, if you are into Goth art, Kinfolk Crafts is not the place to sell your bat pins!

Fees: $75 set-up, $10 per month with a minimum of 6 months required.

Lilly’s Craft Mall
This website is run by a work at home mom who knows what it is like to have all your profits eaten up by auction fees. So, the website is free for listing your crafts. You get a website where you can upload 15 products to start off with (you can add more after 30 days). It is all customizable. Payment is through PayPal.

The only problem I saw with Lilly’s Craft Mall is that it’s not exactly well designed. There are errors on the main page and for some reason the categories are microscopic. If you are looking for a no-cost way to get started, this might be worth a try, though.

Fees: Free

Spsell has more of an amateur look to it than the other sites reviewed here, but it is a bit different as well. Instead of categories, it has shops, so the name of your e-store has a lot to do with whether or not people will click on it. Within the shop, you have categories if necessary. Payment through PayPal.

Fees: $10-19 per month (thank you, Super Man, for bringing this to my attention)

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options for selling your crafts online. And of course, you could always set up your own website as well. The advantage of going with an online craft market is that you can capitalize on their popularity.

Have you had any experience selling your crafts online? If so, please share in the comments. Feel free to include a link to your site, too, so we can see your products and website.

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    96 Responses to “Where to Sell Crafts Online”

    1. denise in wi says:

      where do we sell without a credit card. have pp and linked it with a brick and morter bank. just want to open shop.

    2. Margareta Jules says:

      Our cars are 10 and 22 years old, we can easily afford new ones, but don’t because the ones we have are perfectly sufficient. The 22 yr old car, ferries my wife back and forth from the train station, and the 10 year old car does the rest. On top of the savings, driving older cars is incredibly green. The manufacture of cars uses vast amounts of fossil fuels. The cost of replacement parts was a tiny fraction of that.

    3. Remember when you are selling in craft malls such as etsy, artfire GLC Craft Mall or whatever mall you decide to go into you have to promote your own business. If you open a shop and expect to start selling it just won’t happen, you might get the odd sale but the name of the game if you want to be successful is to activately promote your craft business.

      Craft Malls are a tool that can help you get your craft business up and running quickly, but You have to work at making it successful.

    4. Deb says:

      You have to make an item that people want at a price where you can make money without being to high for your customer. It takes lots of time with researching. You have to stand out, that is for sure. it took me years to find the right niche. And when I did, I am now selling steady! I am on etsy; which I just love!! Check out what others are charging and how many are making what you make. I am also trying Zibbet, just today. I want to try Storenvy and maybe a few places that you all listed here! Thanks everyone! And good luck!

    5. Sandy says:

      I am currently using Etsy, Artfire (just through the free trial only) and shophomemade.com (its free). I get nothing through shophomemade and am thinking of closing it. Just not worth the effort of checking my email for. Artfire is almost as bad so when my free trial is up im stopping it. Its not worth it. Etsy is the only place ive sold anything but its only been 2 small items in 2 months. I hadnt expected to get rich or sell out but I had expected To generate a few more views i guess. I have links to all three on my blog page but have generated nothing that way either. I do mainly locker hooking & not really sure where else to go. Did add an item to yardsellr last night so will see how that works. Being a stay at home mom kinda limits my advertising options.

    6. Arthur says:

      If you want to sell in the UK or the EU I recommend using a specialist UK site like http://www.artulis.com. They have free pro accounts available at the moment for a limited time.

    7. Lillie says:

      Hi I would to to Thank everyone for there helpful post old and new. I am very new at this. I have lots of craft items,
      I have sold many things but never online. I have done open house parties at my home and sold my crafts, I must say I did very well. I would love to sell some of my things online I am a little bit afraid of getting paid, and pricing too low or pricing too high, can someone please give me some help with this as well. I Thank each and everyone of you!

    8. burntout says:

      Lilly’s in NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Ashley says:

      http://Www.stylinmamas.com is a new place to buy and sell crafts online. Fees start at $0.15 an item or get a membership and open a craft shop starting a $5 for 3 months. Very personal and owned by stay at home moms. Advertising is also available to help promote your products.

    10. You can try the GLC Arts and Crafts Mall we have a Free store available to crafters you can list up to 12 items completely free of any charges. Your store can always be found because we have a Directory on the home page listing all the stores in the Mall. Also if you keep your store updated your product will be shown regularly on the home page.

    11. In response to Melody and Marie. There are couple things to consider. The first is that Etsy is saturated with jewelry sellers. In order to gain visibility and sales you will need a lot of listings, around 100 in your store. In order for people to find you, you will need good titles and tags. Etsy has tutorials on SEO that can help with choosing good keywords for the titles and tags. In order to command higher prices, make sure you have excellent photos and descriptions. People need to see the difference between your items and the cheaply made lower priced items. People are willing to pay for quality. Do not sell yourself short. You need to charge a price that makes it worth your while. While Etsy does bring in a lot of prospective buyers, you need to drive traffic in from other sources. The blog is a great idea. Continue adding to it. Set up a “Facebook Page” as well. This is different than your personal Facebook. Everything really does take time. You just have to keep making new things and adding to your store. You will receive more traffic and sales as you continue to build your inventory. I hope this helps.

    12. Melody says:

      I’ve been on Etsy a few years. I just recently in the past 5 weeks have gotten serious trying to sell my handmade jewelry. Etsy, doesn’t provide me with any sales at this point. Many others price there items to low, which defeats the purpose of trying to launch a home business. I am still beginning the network process, and hope I can attract a higher clientele. Though I am on FB, many of my contacts can’t afford my prices. I’ve also started a blog at http://www.happigirlgifts.com/blogger or blogspot. So far that’s not been productive either. It appears this is like most other things and is all in who you know. Anyone have any advise?

    13. Marie says:

      I have a shop on Etsy which is costing me a small fortune it seems every time i check my mail I owe them listing fees,Artfire are not bad but my products keep getting lost, I have just started with isupportamerican, a cause I personally am passionate about is buying American they charge a flat rate of $5 a month and I can cancel at any time. Two sales this week with no commission. Its early days and I hope they last, I think the best option for any sellers is to spread yourself about and list with a few sites as I am also a buyer of crafts but not stuck with buying from all sites. Any way there is my two cents . Ill let you know how i get on

    14. Alessandra says:

      I forgot, the name of my web site is:


      Come to visit.

    15. Alessandra says:

      I sell handicrafts directly from the workshops of artisans in Florence, Italy.
      Leather, ceramic, paper and silver.
      Unique pieces unfound elsewhere on the web.

    16. Briggitte says:

      Hi, this as been very useful info I new about etsy but didn’t know I cld link my website ,so il be checking that one out.also been having a nose at a few more some not working ,I’m not doing well on my website I feel jewellery don’t sell we’ll online ,but I’ve set up on Facebook and sold a few bits there so please join me Naidine’s Rainbow it don’t cost anything lol ,I make everything myself from glass to gems I even made some beads to . I’m a housewife stuck home always so I do make lots of items so need to make some money to help pay the bills .x thanks again brill page

    17. UniSquare says:

      We just launched a new crafts marketplace where you can buy and sell crafts:


      There are no listing fees and only a low, flat 2% final value fee, only if an item sells. You can also build free webstores, similar to ebay. Meaning you can create your own categories and names, upload store logo, change colors a little and have a store search feature.

      Also, you can accept PayPal and Google Checkout. Both auctions and fixed price listings can be made.

      Please check out UniSquare. We are brand new, but we have a leading-edge, targeted marketing system that has already brought in visitors and sales for the items!

      Kind regards

    18. roy says:

      http://www.CraftMe.co/ is the Aussie & Kiwi marketplace for arts, crafts, hobbies & supplies. It is the place to buy and sell all things unique, handmade creations, Australian and New Zealand design and handicraft gifts.

    19. DWH says:

      A new site to sell all your items for Free & its very easy to use. free pics and paypal enabled They welcome new users,

    20. Kelly says:

      You can sell your crafts for Free at the GLC Arts and Crafts Mall.

    21. Kerry says:

      My sister and I sell our masks (Wickerman Masks)
      via http://www.walkaboutcrafts.com/ there are various memberships depending on your budget and what you are looking for and there are no commission fees. Membership is for any age and you can also join as an individual or as a group! Best thing is that Emma (the owner) does everything for you. She designs your shop to your requirements and adds all your products for you! Well worth a look…
      Kerry & Alison

    22. Is there any free websites to sell crafts online?

    23. Leigh1 says:

      This is a wonderful resource!
      We LOOOVE Etsy!
      My daughter & I tmade 18″ American Girl Doll Beds from scratch….
      Check us out at:

      We made these ourselves for all the dolls in our neighborhood!

    24. Leigh1 says:

      My daughter and I have been bonding over making beds for her doll & the dolls in our neighborhood….we’ve actually started a business:

      My product tester & quality control manager, Liam, feels it is necessary to jump up and down on the beds, to be extra sure they are strong enough to support those extremely heavy 10 oz. dolls (Insert Liam’s picture 19 months old, here).

      The production department is very thorough when building and painting the beds. One coat of paint would be sufficient, however, Kathleen (insert Kathleen’s 7-year-old picture here) my “pre-painter” prefers to begin the process in an art-deco free-form manner. This is quickly followed up with a second coat of paint by the finish-painter (me).

      Bedding and embellishments are laid out on the display area (kitchen table) and thoroughly examined and rated for color clarity, softness, and durability by the quality control department (anyone who can reach them).

      Check us out at: http://www.AmericanMadeGirlDollBeds.com and yes, that’s my cutie-pie on the home page. :-)

    25. Jessica says:

      This is a great list. There is another web site that sells handmade items made only by moms. It’s http://www.creationsbymom.com. It doesn’t cost anything to sell items on the site, and there are no monthly or annual fees. It’s completely free for sellers.

    26. Scott says:

      lily’s craft mall is no longer free

    27. dugang says:

      – and a great idea for Mother’s or Father’s Day!

    28. Wow! What a fabulous site for us working-at-home moms! I stumbled upon a great mom-run site where you can make custom handprint and footprint t-shirts of your little ones – they have these t-shirt and pain kits with directions. Great fun – and a great idea for Mother’s or Father’s Day!

    29. GLC Mall says:

      You can list up to 12 items Free at the GLC Arts and Crafts Mall.

    30. Lori says:

      Hi, just curious my items are listed with yessy and they are higher end handmade light fixtures and home decor using steel and glass and though i have been listing there for months i havnt sold one thing, though i have thousands of hits from all over the world. Yessy does charge a yearly fee of 59.00 you can join for free for a 14 day trial period though you have to give them a credit card # and if you dont contact them to remove yourself after 14 days they automatically charge. I,m not sure that yessy is the right venue for my style of home decor but there are plenty of artists selling jewelry and paintings. If anyone has a better idea as to where to list a more expensive item? and wix.com is a fantastic site to create a free web site and its easy check mine out, you can upgrade at wix also

    31. Ethikl is a new vibrant online marketplace for buying and selling ethically sourced, handmade and eco friendly products directly from producers. Explore Ethikl’s online marketplace and discover handcrafted jewellery, clothing, natural homewares, fair trade gifts, organic gourmet food and more at http://www.ethikl.com

    32. Genesis says:

      Great, thank you, Beth!

    33. Thanks Gina. I’m going to have to look up this wordpress blog. Not familiar with this jargon so I seem to be at a disadvantage. I’ll keep checking on this blog for ideas….Thank so much ;-}

    34. Beth says:

      Just a few more ideas for everyone: Ruby Plaza, DaWanda and ethikl.co.au.

      I sell hydrangea wreaths and stems on eBay, ETSY, & Artfire and also have good results getting traffic from my eBay about me page and my wordpress blog.

    35. Bob says:

      Hi everyone i just listed my candles on zibbet.com this site is very easy to use .and is very inviting and has bloggs and a community you can join checkout my sit at zibbet.com/countrytimesoy.

    36. Crafters says:

      You can try the GLC Arts and Crafts Mall, you can list 12 items for free. All stores in the mall are listed in the store directory on the home page so you won’t get lost in the mix, also all products get shown on the home page it doesn’t matter if you are a basic or full member.

    37. Gina says:

      @Auntie Teresa – I do not get a ton of hits on my etsy or artfire either. I, however, do get quite a few links over to them from my wordpress blog. So, maybe try to start a blog with links to both your website and your other selling places. I blog about a lot of things. But when I make something new, I discuss it in my blog with links to where to buy it. WordPress is easy to use and free. Just make sure you add as many tags as you can think of to your blog posts and you will get traffic! I also list on my free local classified ads. Ours is http://www.golsn.com It is also free to list and I have sold quite a few things that way. Good luck!

    38. I am struggling to get noticed too. I have listed with Etsy…cheap,well formatted…just LOTS of competition. I am also listed on Art-Fire..And I have my own Web site.. http://www.AuntieTeresaQuilts.com and not have had any hits there either. Anyone with info on how to get your own website on search engines? I’m going to look up all those listed in your blog. Thanks!

    39. Bob says:

      hi ladies i found this web site on yahoo while looking to sell online i think iam the only man to reponed to this site looking to sell my hand poured soy candles online anyone know of a good site to start with thanks Bob

    40. Here is a new place to sell your crafts and vintage items. It cost nothing for a basic account where you can list 25 items or a premium account right now for $7.00 a month, unlimited listings and no fees at http://www.zibbet.com/rosiemoonbeams/sell

    41. Ashley says:

      I use http://yardsellr.com/E04. It works on 4 major factors: Free, Simple, Professionals, and (I can sell stuff) Quickly.

    42. all these informations are very important to know
      thanks !

    43. Some solid info here and well worth me returning to your blog. I’d never heard of quite a few of these sites, but of course been using Etsy. Not entirely happy with it and always looking for more sources. Thanks!

    44. Wow thanks for the information. It will come of great use. I’m currently using Etsy as an additional platform and I must say its amazing. So if anyone’s thinking of using it go for it. Specially for a British based artist as myself it means I can push my creations further afield. The rest of the sites you’ve posted I will be checking out over the weekend, thanks again for posting.

    45. Gina says:

      I just wanted to suggest artfire for your children’s bracelets. Don’t get me wrong … a lot of the sites suggested I have used and they are great. But, to get started and to give it a trial run – it is free, their work will show up in search engine results and you won’t lose anything if they don’t sell. If they get loads of sales, you can always upgrade to the paid site or choose to use another outlet. I think it would also be cute to have their own website. There are a lot of free ones out there that are easy to use. I personally love freewebs. You do not have to know website design to be able to do it. They guide you through it and if I can do it then anyone can :) Mine is still a work in progress! “) The only problem with that is getting their site out there and getting it into top search results. Good luck to them! I bet their work is precious!

    46. Donna says:

      My children have recently developed a love for beading bracelets, etc. They want to try to sell some online. Is there a website that would be appropriate for “kid-created” pieces? Thanks!

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