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What’s The Easiest Way To Cancel A Change Of Address With USPS?

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To cancel a change of address, you handle it the same way you submit a change of address. Let’s say that you go and change your address physically at the post office. You do so by getting a mover’s packet. Then you would fill out the form, submitting it with your change of address by dropping it off at the post office. To cancel that request, you would essentially be submitting a new change of address form. Naturally, you can also do all of this online.

Submit a Change of Address Form Online

Let’s say you submit a change of address form online, and you want to cancel the request. How long has it been? If it has been awhile, you just need to fill out the form to change your address back to the old address. Let’s say you submitted a temporary change of address. You can pull that up while it’s in effect, and you can cancel it online. You will have given a start and end date, so that post office will have that change of address to where you are able to pull it up.

People cancel temporary changes of address all the time. They input dates, and the end date is flexible. They may overshoot it a little, and then they decide to input a new stop date when they return home. I did that when I submitted a travel request with my bank. That’s not a change of address with the post office, but it worked out just the same.

Make Your Address Permanent

I have also submitted a change of address with the post office that was supposed to be permanent, but it ended up being temporary. I had to reverse it using the process I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have submitted other permanent changes of address when moving, too. Online, it’s easy to submit these requests, though all of mine have been done in person by dropping the form in the mail or handing it to the USPS clerk.

My last change of address was 6 years ago though, and back then, it wasn’t quite the norm yet to submit a request online. Now it is more and more common, so you might want to consider that if you are going to change your address. If you submitted your original change of address in person, just remember that you can actually cancel your request online. Give it a try, as it’s very easy to do. You won’t cancel the request, but instead you will be submitting a new change of address, easy as pie.

What More is Required To Get Original COD

Now you are aware of what’s required to get that usps temporary change of address handled. You might cancel your original change of address, or you might end up just submitting a new one. Either way, the result is the same, but you do want to handle it the easiest way. The best thing for you to know right now is that the easiest way is to do everything online. Doing that will mean you are done in the next several minutes.

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