What I Learned From Fighting With My Neighbor

Have you ever noticed how much energy it takes to be angry? Just this morning, we had yet another issue with my neighbor and I found myself fuming again. After getting into a spat, I was fuming. I couldn´t even type.

That´s when it hit me . . . being angry just isn´t worth it. You waste all that energy that would be better channeled into something like promoting your business, or developing a new product. Or in my case, getting started with the pile of articles I need to get done before tomorrow, noon.

So, how does fighting with my neighbor fit into working at home? When you start a home business, you are going to run into people who criticize you. Here are a few of the lines I´ve heard . . .

“You can´t make money doing that. Writing is just a hobby.”

“Why are you looking after the kids? So she can sit on the computer and play?” (to my husband)

“It´s unfair of you to work with small kids.”

“No, what do you REALLY do?”

I´m sure you´ve heard your own fair share of disbelievers. It can make you mad to hear people talk like you´re an idiot for working at home or starting your own business. But, when you get angry with them for their comments, really, they win, because that energy just takes away from your work . . . if you let it.

Why not channel the intense energy you feel when someone insults you for making the very important choice to look after your children while working? Use it to fuel your promotion instead of just sitting and fuming? This morning, fueled by the spat I had, I´ve already finished most of my day´s assignments!

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    6 Responses to “What I Learned From Fighting With My Neighbor”

    1. Idetrorce says:

      very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    2. Joanna Young says:

      Hi Genesis, I enjoyed your piece – great to learn how you can get fired up for super-productivity!


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    4. Genesis says:

      Thank you both!

    5. :) This is my philosophy, too. Thanks for saying it so well.

      I just gave you a thumbs up at StumbleUpon.

    6. Genesis, what a great lesson to learn, and so very useful in practically every area of life, too!

      Thanks for joining us in this month’s writing project! :-)

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