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Ways That A New Social Security Number Can Affect Your Credit

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While Social Security numbers and cards have been around for nearly 80 years, it’s only been the last few decades that criminals have been able to really take advantage of stolen cards. There have also been plenty of undocumented immigrants that have used the numbers in order to work, this can be very troublesome, or not, depending on whether the workers pay taxes and other deductions into the system or evade them. One way the victim of the theft would gain extra benefits and the other way they could end up owing back taxes on wages paid to others.

The Worst Nightmare Is The Identity Thief

There are dozens of ways that identity thieves can get a hold of stolen ID, many times from stolen purses and wallets, but oftentimes from mail thrown into the garbage, rental applications, or job applications. There are some companies that take hundreds of job applications per week and leave them in file cabinets that anyone can access.

Identity theft has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow. The thieves have found hundreds of ways to cheat the system and leave others to pay the bill. They can apply for credit on someone else’s Social Security number, get a card or loan, then run up the charges and disappear. It’s only been recently that many law enforcement agencies have taken identity theft seriously.

The problem is, once your number has been used illegally, you’ll either have to pay off the fraudulent loans or have a serious black mark on your credit for years. The other alternative, is to contact the Social Security Administration and get issued a new number in your name. Then, anyone caught using the old number could be arrested if there are astute people paying attention. There are some problems with getting a new number issued as well.

The Social Security Administration Has A Fraud Hotline

They take stolen cards, numbers, and identities seriously, so you can call their 1-800 hotline and report the theft and usage. Try to have as much information available as possible on the call. The SS Administration will issue a new number if you can prove that your are in danger, being abused, your number is still being used, and if there is reason to believe there will be ongoing physical or economic harm.

Getting a new Social Security number can affect your credit in several different ways. The first is, if you have ongoing relationships with several creditors, it will be hard to get them to change to the new number. Plus, all of your good credit, and the bad that’s been dumped on you, will remain on your old Social Security number.

So, if you have a new number, your credit history will start over from scratch, you’ll have no good or bad credit history. It depends on how seriously the thieves have ruined your credit and if they are still doing so. Many ID thieves will use a credit history for awhile, then stop, use a different one, and then switch back. Or, they can sell your information to other identity thieves and on, and on, it goes.

For various reasons, getting a new Social Security number can be the best way to go. Do as much research as you can that applies to your situation before you make your decision. Be sure and contact the SS Administration, the credit bureaus, and the police to get as much advice as you can. get to know more at https://www.application-filing-service.com

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