Trend Micro Offers Better Online Security

Online security is something I’m starting to really be concious of these days. Not only is my son starting to use the internet a little, but I’ve also had several experiences with hackers and spyware is really rampant now. The problem is that most anti-virus software slows the computer down and I have to admit, I’m one of those people who sometimes uninstalls my software because I get sick of the long load times. Trend Micro has just come up with a great solution for this, though.

They are offering new versions of their software, Trend Micro™ Internet Security and Trend Micro Internet Security Pro, which are nice and light so your computer doesn’t get held up in long drawn out processes that slow you down. As work at home moms, we just can’t afford that kind of down time.

While the Trend Micro security products work well to keep your computer safe, they have actually combined a number of useful features that every mom could use. First of all, if you tend to travel, you can keep track of computer security remotely . . . perfect if your kids tend to visit iffy sites that have malware (think download and gaming sites).  Plus, everything is easily viewable in the dashboard area so you can see precisely what the software is doing to protect your computer.

That’s not all, though. My favorite feature is the kid safety section. We all know that danger lurks on the internet but did you know that 65% of parents figure their kids are safe enough online? Most of us just don’t realize the full extent of the problems that can be caused by a little information slip. And since you probably don’t have time to just sit by your kids and make sure they don’t use the computer in a way that could jeopardize their safety, Trend Micro has a solution for this, too. Their security software is more than an antivirus and offers parental controls so you can prevent certain information like addresses and phone numbers from being entered. There are also inbound features, so when your son accidentally searches for a term that could turn up suggestive results, the software checks the hyperlinks in the search results and can block anything that shouldn’t be seen by your kids. Definitely a great idea.

While there are browsers for small children, like KIDO’Z, older kids are going to be online, doing research for their schoolwork, checking up on things and hanging out with friends, so it’s important to keep them safe.

I haven’t personally tried Trend Micro’s products yet, but I have to admit, they sound very well thought out and worth installing. If you want to know more about them, you can read more on the Trend Micro site.

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    3 Responses to “Trend Micro Offers Better Online Security”

    1. Hey, I have a 6 year old who is getting quite good at using the internet. He spends most of his time playing little counting games (which is fine) but I know its only a matter of time till he starts exploring the internet more. I just have a basic norton security system in place now but my husband and I are seriously thinking about getting something more substantial.

    2. I have been using Trend for a long time now and love it. I don’t think there’s a better anti-virus out there.

    3. Jake says:

      I have a 3 yr old that is really into the online games at He just learned the other day that he can leave that site, although he didn’t like it too much. But, they have ads that will take you to other sites. I have used AVG, which is free, with great success. Best of all, it doesn’t slow everything else down.

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