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The Common Causes of Back Pain

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Back pain is a common complaint, unfortunately, not many people know the root of the problem. Most people with an aching back consult their doctor with the hope that the practitioner will prescribe some medication and completely terminate the issue. However, for the majority, these prescriptions only mask the symptoms and do not alleviate the pain. Some practitioners may go a bit further and recommend weight loss and exercise. However, most doctors will not tell you the common causes of back pain and what you can do about it.

In this read, we are going to mention some of the major back pain causes and how to address them. It is imperative that you know this as you are your own health care advocate. It is unlikely that you will ever hear this from a doctor and so, you may want to read on.

Top Five Causes of Back Pain

Muscle Imbalances

These are better known as dysfunctions. Basically, your muscles pull the body out of alignment and it is forced to function in this state and ultimately breaks down.

Imbalances in the muscle groups are perhaps the biggest physical cause of back pain and related conditions such as knee pain, hip pain, and foot pain.

Fortunately, identifying and correcting muscle imbalances is quite easy. All you need to know is the dysfunctions you have and the ideal combination of corrective stretches and exercises should alleviate back pain and related conditions.

Excessive Stress

This is another major cause of back pain. While most individuals question or doubt it, excessive stress combined with negative beliefs are what keep most individuals in pain.

For instance, most individuals gain relief from physical treatment but never seem to get long-term relief. That is mostly because the mind is preventing the body from healing completely.

Trigger Points

Usually responsible for most of the undiagnosed pain, trigger points are a huge factor when it comes to neck, static and back pain.

Trigger points are complicated and there are numerous things that contribute to their development. To make it even worse, they usually cause pain to other regions in the body.

Spinal Torsion or Compression

Another significant cause of back pain and related conditions is spinal torsion or compression. Muscle imbalances tend to pull the spine out of its position and create a curvature that’s not ideal and this puts unnecessary pressure on the discs.

If you add torsion, which is twisting of the spine, the condition gets even worse. The combination of excessive or uneven compression plus the torsion wreak havoc on the spinal discs, thus causing them to herniate or bulge.

Again, there’s some good news. Discs not only have the ability to heal, but you can reduce and undo the excessive torsion and compression by decompressing the spine and addressing the imbalances. This can be properly done with gadgets such as the Nubax, inversion table or can be done by a chiropractor or a physical therapist. Also read about The Best Patches For The Relief Of Back Pain and How Long A Pain Patch Lasts .

Imbalance in Nutrition

What you consume can either help you stay in a healthy condition or keep you in pain. There are not only certain foods that cause inflammation, but imbalances in nutrients and minerals are a huge factor.

For instance, you can have too much calcium and inadequate magnesium and this can cause calcification. Keep in mind that this is one of the numerous examples. That being said, here are some of the foods to avoid”



-Artificial colors or flavors


Here are some of the nutrients or food you should consume more of:

-Spices, especially turmeric and Ginger

-Omega 3 Fatty Acids

-Vitamin D

Antioxidants such as quercentin, selenium and vitamin C

Again, it is paramount that you become an advocate for your own well being and health. Practitioners are ideal and we need caring skilled doctors. However, taking a path to your own well-being is more important. By knowing exactly what’s going on with your body and by looking at available options to conventional treatments, you can better comprehend and discuss your conditions with the practitioner. If they are not interested in having this discussion, it would be best to find another physician.

I hope that these common causes of back pain will help you live properly and avoid the condition altogether, you can Simply shop here .

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