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The Best R22 Replacement Options

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Since the start of 2015, repairing or maintaining air conditioning systems with r22 refrigerants is illegal. However, you can always replace these refrigerants and most of the major manufacturers have already provided flexible solutions to match customer needs. The r22 replacement options available today include replacing the outdoor/indoor units, total system replacement and using a drop-in refrigerant. Here’s what you need to know about.

• Total System Replacement

Here, you need to replace all the parts of your air conditioning system as well as the indoor and outdoor units, electrical wiring and pipes. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your equipment is updated. It’s also the best long term solution to beat the phasing out of r22 refrigerants.

There are cases where you can’t recycle the existing components. That’s why replacing the complete system is the best option but there are some disadvantages. For instance, you need a lot of money to complete the project and it will take time to finish it completely.

If you have enough resources to upgrade your entire AC system, you should do it immediately. Your new system will be energy efficient with very few maintenance costs. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, you can always talk to your installer to find the alternatives available to you.

• Replacement Of The Outdoor And Indoor Units

You can recycle the existing parts such as the pipes, power supply and wiring to reduce your installation costs by more than half. With this approach, you can reduce the installation timeline and almost match the benefits of replacing your entire system.

With the replacement of your outdoor and indoor units, there will be major improvements to energy efficiency, performance and running costs without investing too much capital. Currently, you can find numerous r22 partial replacement options, thanks to the notable manufacturers.

Basically, you will install the best AC units and integrating with the infrastructure that’s already in place. Your pipes should be clean, free from the illegal r22 refrigerants and fit for use. Depending on the existing infrastructure, you can also replace the outdoor units alone thus reducing the costs and time required for installation.

The partial replacement solutions allow you to upgrade your system thus increasing the number of units and capacity. That way, the old infrastructure will be updated to the needs of your home or organization.

• Drop In Refrigerant

This option will copy the function of the r22 refrigerants in the older systems without any environmental impact. However, it’s not advisable because it will reduce the reliability and overall performance of your system. Maintenance costs of the old system will soar completely. Currently, most of the manufacturers don’t support the alternative refrigerants because of the problems they pose.

Basically, using a drop in refrigerant is a short term measure although they are a suitable r22 replacement option. They might reduce your immediate spending on capital they are actually not cost-effective for long-term periods and should be the last resort among the choices available. They are risk and expensive compared to the rest. To know more contact us or visit the website at http://www.bluonenergy.com/freon-price/.

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