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Should You Run Multiple Businesses?

I have a problem. I tend to come up with new business ideas every few days, even more often when I’m on a creative streak. The problem? I already have a business, plus a side business. For many entrepreneurs, this is an issue. Ideas don’t just come along once in a lifetime for most people, [...]

Making the Most of School Hours

Now that kids are back in school, chances are you are relishing your extra time alone. In just those few hours, however, it can seem like everything piles up and you are no further along in work than you were yesterday by the time everyone piles off the bus. What can you do about this [...]

Kids Are Distracting

I follow the blogs of a few writers and today’s post by Laurell K. Hamilton (author of the very popular Anita Blake series) really made me smile. She writes about some of the most common problems faced by artists . . . but these easily apply to any work at home mom! Check out her [...]

Life and Work, Sometimes You Have to Take a Break

Last week, my youngest son got sick. He was restless all night, dealing with high fevers and a cough, so I ended up spending a lot of time with him. No sooner did he get better than his big brother fell victim to the same virus. Argh! I could still work in bits and pieces, [...]

5 Ways to Work at a Desk with a Baby

When my second son was a newborn, I had a lot of assignments coming in. In fact, I only took a couple days after his birth before I was back to work. Many mothers say that they just can’t work with a baby, the little one needs to be snuggled and fed and that can’t [...]

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