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Staying Stylish As A Stay At Home Mom

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You can still look good while fulfilling your role as a stay-at-home mom. You don’t need a lot of time or money or stay good looking even when at home. Here are some stay-at-home mom fashion style tips that will surely be helpful.

Buy a few quality, hard wearing pieces of clothing that will last for a long time. A good example is investing a quality pair of denim pants. They can be easily clothed, as well as wear and wash well. They do not restrict your movement especially when you need to chores that involve a lo of movement and bending of your legs.

Incorporate colors in your day. A lot of stay-at-home moms prefer blacks and grays for the reasons that they can make someone look slim; they are appropriate for all four seasons and they are difficult to wash. But don’t be afraid experimenting with colors. If you still want to use black pieces of clothing, you can accessorize it with bright colored pieces like scarves and necklace. You can also match your clothing with vibrant ballet flats or a colored handbag if you decide to go out.

Think of how it will fit several occasions when considering buying certain clothes. The worthiness of the clothes gets higher as the number of ways you can wear it increases. A good example is a cotton dress that you can wearing during work days, dinner nights or even just staying at home. You can accessorize it to change how it looks.

Concentrate on what is important to you. Stay-at-home moms are just as busy as working mothers, so the time to get ready every morning is very restricted. There are routines that you need to give up, like doing your hair to make it look good. Some women prefer to focus on their face than the hair, and vice versa. It’s really up to you what you will prioritize first. At the end, you should feel good about it.

Befriend patterns. It’s best to wear a patterned clothing for a busy day with your kids. Why? Patterns disguise creases and dirty fingerprints compared to plain designs. Patterns can vary from floral, geometrical shapes and stripes. Also, it is highly obvious to avoid wearing all-white pieces as they can easily get dirty. Save these clothing pieces for child-free days.

Opt for casual and washing-machine friendly clothes that are refined and not sloppy. If you prefer wearing shirts, don’t go for the ones that make you look like you’re going for a workout. Choose shirts that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can also wear it with layered sweaters and a cute blazer.

And stop following the trend of wearing yoga pants, at least alternate it with a good pair of jeans or a black twill. And if you can’t really help wearing yoga pants for that day, match it with a chic oversized sweater or trendy sneakers.

Do not forget the accessories as they can also affect how a simple piece of clothing looks. Choose from statement belts, scarfs, or bags.

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