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Stay at Home Mom Realtor

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Contemporary women are concentrating on full-time mother rearing, but they don’t have to leave the paid workforce. There is a considerable option to be a stay at home professional worker and a stay at home full-time mother.

Working from home has become a trend to most professionals, as a free agent or a freelancer you have the power to choose your working hours and most of your job responsibilities are carried out from your home. To be a stay at home mom realtor is possible, but before juggling your mother duties and home duties there are considerations to be considered to be a successful realtor at home. They say it has no guarantee to excel at being a real estate agent while staying at home since balancing the two entities involve two different hurdles and challenges. The solution to these situations and become a successful real estate agent at home is to have the right pleasing personality. Thankfully, being a real estate agent is eligible and advantageous since it is a family friendly career.

With the right and pleasing personality, being a realtor is the best work at the home career for you. Your highly motivated personal goals, you can balance the challenges in being a full-time mother and a realtor. Manage your personal appointments and separate them with your professional appointments, the work demands and appointments can be taken care of when your children are at school.

The work schedule is flexible. You can decide when and how much you would like to work. A part-time or full-time basis can make you absolutely contribute with the family’s income. Real estate is a commission-based salary, thus it reflects the amount of work a person puts in.

Unlike any other professional jobs, this career in the real estate industry allows moms to work in the comforts of their home. Thus, you can still spend time with your kids. Make a decision if you wish to become a full-time or part-time realtor.

Productivity can drop up to 40 percent when a person is multitasking, thus sacrifices have to be done and work at odd hours to get the work done and in the same time you have allotted much time for your family. Always believe in yourself that you can do it, with a little patience and perseverance, you can do it.


For most stay at home women becoming a real estate agent is a smart career choice, they are independent workers who are working under the umbrella of a broker.  It is not a question to be a stay at home parent and work as a real estate professional, if it is possible and in necessity for you to travel the route of being a work at home parent, consider having this career to cope up with the eerie silence of your home as your child goes to school, be amazed of what a career in the real estate contribute to the growth of your family, and yourself.

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