Start Your Own Herbal Product Business

Are you a fanatic of natural remedies and herbal treatments? If so, why not start your own herbal remedy business? Natural products are all the rage these days and if it is something that you enjoy, all the better!

To start your own herbal product business, you will need to have access to fresh herbs. Usually a herb garden is the best way to do this, although once you get big, you will probably end up buying from other herbal growers in your area. For now, your kitchen herb garden will do. You will also want to find a wholesale supplier of tubs and jars to put your products in, as well as the mixing ingredients that you need, such as glycerin.

Next, you need to decide what products you want to offer. There are literally hundreds of recipes out there, for everything from bath bombs to herbal soaps and balms. Choose just two or three products to get started and work on perfecting them. Make up some samples to test on friends and family and go with your best attempts. Here are a few places to find recipes:

Blossom Farm
Stony Mountain Botanicals
Learning Herbs

You will also need to design a label or have someone do it for you. If you are hopelessly non-artistic, you might consider looking for a graphic artist on Elance or Get A Freelancer. You can usually find someone professional to do a fairly cheap design quickly. Have them give you a basic graphic and logo, plus variations for the different labels that you will be using. This is why its important to know what your products will be ahead of time!

Pricing will depend on the ingredients that you are using and how much work goes into each product. You will want to have at least a 100% markup for selling to retailers, more if you plan to sell directly.

Where do you sell your herbal products? This can vary. You might want to offer them in the local health store, a beauty shop, etc. If you offer a display with several products and ask the owner of the store to try it for just a month, for free, you will have a better chance of getting in the door. At the end of the month, the owner pays you for any products that have sold and decides whether or not to keep your product on display.

You can also sell through craft fairs and other markets of this type. Or consider offering your products in catalog form. You can easily print off your own catalog on your printer, or even a flyer, if you are starting out with just a few products. Pay someone to put the flyers on car windshields or find out how much your local paper would charge to include a flyer in every issue of the paper. Craigslist is another good way to advertise locally, or consider setting up a website and shipping across the country.

Once you have your business up and running, you can start to add more and more products. If all goes well, you might even have to hire some help in the near future!

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    6 Responses to “Start Your Own Herbal Product Business”

    1. Great Blog I read alot of herbal remedy sites and this herbal supplements site is great

    2. Genesis says:

      Alissa, it would depend on what you were selling. If you’re making hand creams then you wouldn’t need an industrial kitchen. However, if you are going to be making food items, you would definitely want to check with the local business regulations to find out what the requirements were. Just selling herbs as is shouldn’t be any problem at all.

    3. Salmon Jerky says:

      This field is absolutely wide open. When the FDA gets involved in herbals, the lid is going to blow off this business.

    4. Alissa says:

      do you need an industrial kitchen for this type of business?

    5. Ian says:

      Great information in starting a herbal business at home. Most would not know that this sort of business is productive from the home. This article proves it can be,thanks for the information.

    6. Ian says:

      I wonder if this business will work for a busy mom like me? But the idea really motivates me to try since I am also a fan of herbal medicines. Thank you.

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