Sell Homemade Cloth Diapers

Ok, heres a new business idea for you WHAMs out there! If you can design (or find a great pattern) and make your own cloth diapers, you can sell them. This is the perfect e-commerce job for a mom with small children because you can test your product out before selling!

There are a lot of diaper patterns out there that you can use as is or adapt a bit to create your own design. If you are good at designing, you could always open up a regular disposable diaper to use as a pattern. It is a good idea to make removable inserts out of an absorbent cloth that will allow you to dry the two pieces separately, since dry time can be extra long with cloth diapers.

You will also need to choose a fabric or two. Something nice and absorbent for the inside, and something very cute for the outside. You could even offer several different designs. Or for that matter, expand your line to include plastic pants and other diapering accessories!

Starting up your new business shouldnt be too difficult. You can offer your products online, on eBay or in your own special webstore. Offline, advertise your products anywhere that moms might see including supermarket bulletin boards, the local paper, daycares, etc.

Check out the Diaper Junglefor more information and free patterns.

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