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Protect Your Skin with Manicure Gloves

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Gel nails are among the most popular types of manicures around. They do not peel or chip and they last for weeks. The problem with them is that the polish needs to cure under a special lamp to dry. This lamp contains UV rays some of which are unhealthy.

Know about gel-manicure dryer

There have been studies done that show that UV exposure is nothing to worry about especially when it is for a short time such as under the UV lamps that are in the gel-manicure dryer. Some people do not want to take their chances. As such, they rely on special manicure gloves which are worn during the process and help prevent the UV rays from getting on skin.

Some salons now use low-maintenance LED lights. You can ask your salon if you are unsure what type they use. If they do use the UV type, you can get a good pair of manicure gloves to bring with you at your next appointment to protect you from any harm. Also read about the benefits of Avocado Oil .

What types of gloves you can use

You may purchase disposable types of gloves or multi-use gloves. There is a variety to choose from online. People find that it can take a few tries to find gloves that fit just right. These gloves have openings where the fingertips are to allow the light to hit just the nail and not the skin. If you have any muscle problem or any kind muscle pain you will like to know about OTC Anti-Inflammatory .

Make sure to read all product descriptions carefully and also read the reviews. Many people have found that these gloves are a lifesaver, literally. Getting cancer from UV exposure is not unheard of. While these UV lamps are used for a  short time as the gel polish dries, there is no reason to take any chances.  Shop for and buy a good pair of manicure gloves to wear every time you go to the salon for a manicure. Read more Microdermamitt – exfoliating gloves .

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