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New TdX 20 Refrigerant By Bluon Energy

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Benefits Of TdX 20

With the phasing out period of R-22 refrigerant coming to a close in 2020, the HVAC industry is riddled with the question of finding a suitable alternative refrigerant to replace R-22. There is an alternative already in R-410A, but this refrigerant has its own benefits as well as drawbacks. There is a question about the energy efficiency of R-410A. Although R-410A doesn’t deplete the ozone layer of the earth like R-22, the former consumes more electricity to operate HVAC systems. This, in turn, will have a detrimental effect on the environment. In fact, more than 40% of all electricity worldwide is consumed by HVAC systems. Also, electricity is the main culprit when it comes to forming greenhouse gases. In fact, electricity accounts for more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States alone. Hence, the scientific community got busy to find a suitable alternative to R-22. That is where TdX 20 by Bluon Energy comes in handy. This article provides information on some of the most important benefits of TdX 20 refrigerant by Bluon Energy.

Bluon Energy Refrigerants

Bluon TdX 20 is a patent-pending and energy-efficient refrigerant replacement for R-22. In fact, it is the only refrigerant that is built for energy-efficiency – which equals to superior cooling capacity and cost savings to the end users. That is why TdX 20 has become so popular on the market in this day and age. Bluon Energy conducted several years of research in order to come out with a winning formula for an alternative for R-22 refrigerant. Peter Capuciati – a physicist and co-founder of Bluon Energy was at the forefront of this experiment. In fact, he has devoted the last seven years of his life to overcome the apparent limitations in HVAC efficiency. The replacement refrigerants on the market today such as R-410A will increase the energy consumption of your HVAC system by at least 5-25% depending on the HVAC unit. In fact, the whole idea of phasing out R-22 is to get the environmental benefits. But R-401A doesn’t give the intended environmental benefits other than not affecting the ozone layer of the earth. The increased electricity consumption is detrimental to the environment since it will increase greenhouse gas emissions. Also, replacing R-22 with R-410A is quite costly. This is another drawback in the replacement refrigerant. It costs $2,500 per ton – which is a big drawback for the end users. That is where TdX 20 refrigerant by Bluon Energy comes in handy. When you replace R-22 with TdX 20, you are able to attain environmental compliance, save energy, and maintain capacity at the same time. In fact, there is no better alternative refrigerant to R-22 than Bluon’s TdX 20. Bluon TdX 20 has many advantages compared to R-22 and R-410A. Here are some of the top advantages of installing TdX 20 HVAC units in your home or office:

. TdX 20 will reduce the energy consumption in your HVAC system at least by 20-30% depending on the type of unit. The lower amp draw is responsible for the energy-saving benefit of the refrigerant. In fact, it will help reduce equipment run time at the same time. This will help prolong the lifespan of your units.

. TdX 20 complies with the R-22 phase-out since it is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

. TdX 20 delivers equipment capacity equal to or greater than the R-22 refrigerant.

. The refrigerant will improve the overall system performance through faster and more consistent cooling.

. It will extend the lifespan of your HVAC systems through lower operation pressures, shorter cycle times, and reduced compressor temperatures.

. TdX 20 is the only replacement refrigerant that pays for itself over time through lower energy consumption. In fact, it will provide a better ROI with a payback of 24 months of operation.

. TdX 20 decreases unit amp draw by at least 5-25% as well as the daily run time from 20-90 minutes.

. It will help decrease energy consumption during utility peak load times. The refrigerant also runs in low, medium, and high-temperature systems – which is optimized for medium and high-temperature equipment.

. TdX 20 preserves or increases the cooling capacity of your HVAC systems compared to R-22.


tdx 20 bluon energy

Benefits over the old R20

There are also many installation and environmental benefits of TdX 20 by Bluon Energy. Some of these advantages include:

. Non-ozone depleting

. Non-toxic and non-flammable

. It will help the property owner gain points toward LEED certification.

. Having a GWP of 1,650 – which is the lowest GWP among the R-22 replacement refrigerants on the market today.

. If you replace R-22 of a 100,000 sq. ft. building with TdX 20, it will help reduce the carbon footprint of the building by 60 metric tons of CO2 per year.

. TdX 20 will run on all R-22 HVAC equipment without any problem. You won’t have to buy new HVAC systems due to this reason. This will help save money in the process.

. TdX 20 will extend the life of the current R-22 equipment through lower pressures, less run times, and lower compressor operating temperatures.

TdX 20 was purposely designed with energy conservation in mind. In fact, hundreds of field tests and third-party engineering studies have validated TdX’s average energy saving of at least 20%. This kWh saving is achieved through the reduced amp draw at the compressor. It is combined with a shorter compressor cycle time. In fact, the composition of TdX 20 helps reduces the time it takes the HVAC unit to reach optimal cooling and heating temperature. This will help decrease the amount of time and electricity needed to heat or cool your home or office. Due to the reduced energy consumption, TdX 20 will provide a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions from electricity generation. This is very important to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the building. That is why you need to shift to TdX 20 for all your HVAC systems without further delay.

More than 65% of global HVAC systems still use R-22. With the phasing out period coming to an end in 2020, users should install less-efficient gases or replace the entire HVAC systems with R-410A equipment – at an enormous cost. Bluon Energy recognized that if they could find a true R-22 alternative with a lower GWP – it would reduce the consumption of electricity of the equipment. In fact, it would represent a major environmental breakthrough as well as a practical solution to fight climate change problems. That is why Bluon Energy conducted several years of research in order to come up with a formula unlike any other on the market today. The product developed by Bluon achieves environmentally friendly results by carrying more heat at lower pressures. This will help maximize the use of the entire coil of the HVAC unit. It also minimizes the system losses that are inherent to most of the HVAC systems out there.

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Why is Bluon The Best

The research team at Bluon Energy tried out several hundreds of formulas before coming up with the TdX 20 formula. In fact, all these formulas were tried out on different pieces of HVAC equipment inside lab as well as in the field. They were hell-bent on finding an approach that would help increase the efficiency of the HVAC systems. After three years of research and testing, the team was able to come across an unexpected development that wasn’t showing up in the models. In fact, the research team at Bluon Energy discovered that if they stacked five refrigerants together and allow these refrigerants to vaporize in a sequence – a domino effect would occur. This will result in more productivity from the coil of the HVAC system as well as a less workload from the compressor. This process helped lower the electricity consumption of the HVAC units.

By September 2016, TdX 20 was able to clear almost all the regulatory hurdles – at the EPA and other permitting agencies – which is very important to receive the official ASHRAE designation R-458A. This was the final step required by Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 to enter the marketplace as an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigerant for your HVAC systems. With the looming 2020 deadline, there isn’t a better time to enter the market as an R-22 replacement refrigerant. That is why the refrigerant has become so popular and is creating quite a buzz in the HVAC industry right now.

The production of TdX 20 was ramped up late last year – which resulted in its price significantly dropping to $13 per wholesale pound whereas R-22 is priced between $25-40 per wholesale pound and is on the rise. Since R-22 is not produced or imported to the U.S. anymore, the suppliers who have stocked up the refrigerant are taking advantage of the situation to make a quick buck. That is why you need to shift to Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 without further delay and save your money as well as the environment in the process. The above read offers information on the benefits of TdX 20 refrigerant by Bluon Energy.

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