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Introduction to Refrigerant and How It Helps Your AC

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Do you ever wonder how your air conditioner keeps you and your family comfortable when it is hot? There is a process that occurs in the unit which involves drawing hot air out, refrigerating it and then blowing it in. That is a basic way of explaining the important job that refrigerant does.

In detail, a refrigerant is a gas that works to provide you with the cold air you need when it gets unbearable outside. If there is not enough in the air conditioner, the unit will malfunction. In some instances, the AC could break down and require a repair.

Refrigerants make air conditioning possible.

They are liquids that are found in the coils. For much of air conditioning’s history, the coolant used was called R-22. Today, this refrigerant is being retired. This is largely due to environmental issues.

Today’s larger manufacturers of AC units have implemented new refrigerants to use. These are thought to be friendly to the ozone and not at all harmful. Some of them include a chlorine-free coolant called $-410A. Like the R�”122 it works mostly to dehumidify the hot and cold air that merge inside the coils and are passed to you as cold air.

If there is not enough refrigerant in the HVAC system, it will not work properly. If the coolant is low enough it will cause damage to the condenser. This can be a severe problem that ends up breaking down the whole system. This is why you must pay attention if and when your AC stops cooling correctly.

If you notice that your home or office is not as comfortable as you would like, first check the thermostat. Is it set to the wrong temperature? If so, reset it and your AC should work. If it is and the AC is not working, this is one sign that it is low on refrigerant.
The coolant has to be at the correct level to work properly. Some reasons it could be malfunctioning are due to loose connections.

Shut your air conditioner off and unplug it.

Carefully look around it to see if anything is loose. If you have a window unit or portable unit, remove the face cover. Does anything inside appear to be dislodged? Make sure your air filter is not covered with debris. Replacing it could help the machine cool your house.

If there are connection problems or you note a leak anywhere contact your HVAC professional right away. If the problem is not fixed quickly, it could lead to you needing a whole new air conditioner replacement. Read about The Best  The Best R22 Replacement Options

Sometimes an HVAC system’s outdoor unit becomes blocked by leaves or other debris. Check your outdoor unit and clear them away. These obstructions can also be a reason the air is not cool enough. If this does not fix the problem be sure to talk with your air conditioning repair company.

They will inspect your air conditioner. If it needs more refrigerant they will add it. This is an inexpensive and quick fix most of the time. Ask your HVAC dealer for more information if you have an older unit and you would like to upgrade it to one that uses the newer coolant.

Units that operate on the R-410A are more reliable than the older models are. Beside this, they are much better for the environment, and for your home.

Maintain your air conditioner by having it inspected twice a year. Change the filters, vacuum the coils, and make sure there are no leaks. Always contact your HVAC professional if you have any questions or something is not working as it should be. Know R22 refrigerant replacement  .

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