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Important Factors to Consider When Evaluating Commercial Buildings that are for Sale

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When you are examining property listings and considering purchasing commercial buildings, there are multiple things to keep in mind about the properties that you are considering. While it’s easy to keep things like price and general location in mind, there may be other elements of purchasing commercial real estate involved that you may be unaware of or may not have fully considered.

Let’s examine several of the issues that you should thoroughly evaluate as you look for commercial properties:

How Much Parking is Available?

Is there enough parking available near the building to support its commercial activities? As you consider each real estate purchase, examine the building and its surrounding area carefully to see if it has its own parking lot or garage or if there is enough nearby street parking for both employees and customers. Otherwise it may be difficult to keep tenants in the building and it may not be worth the purchase. Know How to Learn the Real Estate Business ?

What Type of Loading/Unloading Area Exists?

If the business will need to have regular deliveries of stock, restaurant supplies, or additional materials, it’s essential that the building have a loading area that is easy for trucks to access. Otherwise it will be exceedingly difficult for tenants to run their business from the building and earn the money that they need to keep their business afloat. Ideally there will be a loading dock that’s easily accessible by truck, as well as an area for the trucks to turn around or to circle the building, if deliveries will be necessary for the business on a regular basis. Professional Real Estate Services in Dayton OH.

Proximity to Major Services and Highways

You’ll also need to consider the building’s location to any major services that business owners may need, such as food purchasing, supplies, fuel, office printing, and more. You may also want to consider the building’s proximity to major roadways and highways, as these allow easy truck access for deliveries.

It doesn’t really matter how inexpensive a commercial building is if it’s not in a good location, doesn’t have parking, or isn’t set up so that tenants can run a business well from it. Otherwise, you’ll consistently have issues with tenants who don’t want to stay in the location, or with renters who are unable to make their rent payments in a timely manner. These both become a giant issue for landlords over time, and it’s better to avoid them from the start if possible. Read about  commercial real estate for sale .

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