How to Sell Articles on Constant Content

As promised last week, today`s post is on how to get your articles accepted and sold on Constant Content. So, if you haven`t already signed up for an account, go do that now and let`s get started!

Choose a Hot Topic

Technically you can write on any topic you like, but truthfully, there are some best selling categories and those are the ones you want to hit. You can go into your account and click on the “Recently Sold Content” (not MY Recently Sold Content) to see what is selling. While this varies drastically from day to day and week to week, you`ll notice an overall pattern.

Health, family, business, travel, beauty and financial articles are all very popular. They also tend to draw the bigger spenders, so it`s a good idea to aim for a fairly popular topic if you want to sell faster.

Write a Quality Article

First of all, if you don`t pay attention to your grammar and spelling, your article will be rejected. I believe after three back to back rejections, Constant Content closes your account. So, it`s very important to polish your articles or they won`t even have a chance at being accepted.

You`ll need to make sure the article is something other people want to buy, as well. That means not just droning on and on and repeating yourself, but turning out a genuinely useful and informative or entertaining article. Remember, these articles aren`t automatically sold, you have to make sure they appeal to the buyer.

Formating is covered on the site, so I recommend you read up on that. Basically, you don`t want to use any formatting when you submit your article on the site. No bold, no bullet points, etc. However, using subtitles without any formating makes the article more appealing.

Let the Client See It

When you are submitting your article, you need to write up a description of it. This should be fairly short, 2-3 lines, but stimulate enough interest that people will click to read more. And this is where things need to be done right.

You are required to put at least a third of your article on the site for the potential client to read. I`ve done this and never sold a single one of those articles. But, I DO sell the ones that I have placed entirely online. This lets the customer read the whole article and then decide whether or not they want to use it. Does this put you at risk? Perhaps, though Constant Content has checks in place to protect your articles and this is the only way I`ve sold my work, so it definitely works.

Respond to Requests

Clients can put in special requests on Constant Content. These can be either private or public, and they require specific lengths and topics and specify the price range they are willing to consider. These can be excellent for earning.

Public Requests

These are requests that go out to everyone on Constant Content. You write the article and submit it, or you can submit an existing article that fits the criteria. You`ll get an email when a request goes out, but keep in mind that everyone else does too! This means that the writers who are really doing well on the site are instantly writing articles to fit the request and submitting them.

Personally, I skip any requests that are public and requesting just one article. For 10 or more, I feel I have a chance and will submit. And I`ve sold several articles this way. If the article doesn`t sell, it just moves into the general population where others can see it and buy it, though, so your time isn`t a waste.

Private Requests

These are virtually guaranteed. If someone has request YOU specifically, then you have the job. Write the articles, submit them as a private request and you`ll get paid. If you do a good job, you`ll often get repeat requests . . . I`ve worked extensively with several clients through Constant Content.

Now, this is where you may run into a problem. I`ve had people ask me if I would work for them privately, apart from the site. This would mean they pay less and I get paid more, because Constant isn`t taking a commission. Some people will do this, but for me it`s just a stupid move. First of all, you`re biting the hand that feeds you, which is always dumb. And, it`s against the rules. So, if you are found out, you get kicked out of Constant and since I`ve earned over $2,000 from them . . . I`m not really interested in putting that at risk!

Set Up a Profile

In order to get private requests, you need to have sold five articles (I think these can`t be USE articles, they have to be full rights) so that your profile is made available on the site. If you look to the right when you`re logged in, you`ll see a list of authors. Mine is under Genesis.

Basically, you can upload a photo, add a short bio and include your favorite articles. All your available articles can be seen here, so if someone likes your work in particular, they will keep coming back to see what you have.

Price It

Obviously, pricing is a big issue when it comes to selling. You don`t want to set the price too low or it`s not worth it, but you also don`t want to scare off potential clients. Some people sell their articles for $5, which is rather sad. First of all, they are selling themselves short and secondly, most articles at that price are just junk . . . so even if you`ve written a good one, people will assume it`s not good and skip it.

I personally sell my articles for $25-100 depending on the length and topic. For example, I just sold one on opt in lists for $100, it was 1,300 words long. Keep in mind that Constant takes a comission of 35%, so calculate that into your price. You`ll be amazed at how much people are willing to pay for good quality content.

Submit Often

I actually rarely do this because I tend to write in batches and submit my articles all at once, but it`s something to consider. When you first look at Constant Content, on the home page, you`ll see “most recent article”, where an article is featured. This is what clients see when they first come in and guess what? If it`s on their topic, they are far more likely to buy it! That`s why, by writing and submiting on a steady basis, you pretty much guarantee that your articles will be featured on the main page several times a week, upping their visibility.

Constant Content isn`t for everyone, but if you are interested in earning some money from writing and aren`t sure where to start, then this could be the perfect place to get going.

A quick disclaimer: I`m not guaranteeing that you will sell a bunch of articles by following these tips. I`m merely sharing what has worked for me.

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