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How to Make Your Own Aftershave Serum

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Applying aftershave to the face after you’ve shaved is more important than you’ve likely realized. It plays an important role in protecting the skin and keeping it looking hydrated and healthy while preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs from appearing on the face. Aftershave may help to prevent an infection from developing after using a blade on the face. While there are many products available for purchase at different stores, you can make your own beneficial aftershave at home with a handful ingredients.

Why Make Your Own Aftershave?

Creating your own aftershave is a fantastic idea because then you can customize the product you’re using while making sure it contains essential ingredients that are going to nurture your skin. You’ll want to make sure you’re applying something to the skin that leaves it looking healthy and feeling smooth rather than rough and dry. Most importantly, you can make sure you’re using only the finest ingredients rather than harsh ingredients that are going to dry your skin out or cause irritation after you’ve shaved.

How Do You Make It?

There are plenty of different ways for you to make your own aftershave. You can customize the aftershave your creating by using some of the ingredients you like and prefer. However, this is just one of the many different homemade aftershaves you can create. You’ll need a squirt bottle or container with a lid before you get started because you’re going to need to have a good place to store the product.

Essential Ingredients

– ½ cup water

– 2 tablespoons witch hazel

– 2 teaspoons glycerin

– 2 drops lavender essential oil

– 1 drop eucalyptus oil

Add these ingredients into a bowl and mix them together for several minutes at a time. Pour the ingredients into your container and then get ready to use your natural and beneficial aftershave serum that will give you healthy, glowing skin that feels smooth to the touch. These ingredients may help to prevent and reduce inflammation while soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Is It Something You Have to Use?

Not sure if it’s worth using aftershave or not? If you shave and don’t apply aftershave to your skin, you’ll likely end up paying the price. You can buy online best professional beard and mustache trimmer. Your skin may start to feel rough and dry and the ingrown hairs could start to develop. It’s not worth taking such risks because you want to keep your skin looking good while avoiding blemishes.

It’s easy to make your own aftershave at home with some beneficial ingredients that are good for your skin. The homemade serum is an affordable solution worth applying to the face after you’ve shaved to prevent infections and ingrown hairs from appearing. A little bit of the homemade product goes such a long way. After you’ve made your own aftershave serum, it should last you quite a long time because you’ll only need to use about two or three drops of it on your skin each time you choose to shave your face.

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