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How To Choose The Best Water Softener

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In areas where the use of ground water is common there is often the need to treat water to make it suitable for household use. this ‘hard’water is often the drinking water of choice for people who say that the dissolved minerals in the water make it simply taste better, these dissolved mineral s such as calcium and magnesium, as well as limestone may make the water taste better, but makes it bad news for plumbing systems as well as people who are exposed to it. Can cause damage to hair and dry out the skin.

Plumbing systems are especially at risk as lime and calcium buildup in pipes can cause long term damage which can require costly repairs.

Installing a Water Softening Device

The solution is to install a water softening device which softens the water to an extent whcih avoids damage to plumbing and makes it a lot more user friendly as well.

However, finding the right water softener can be a daunting task – there are an enormous number of choices. to make that task easier here is a list of some of the top water softeners that are today available.

One of the best on the market is the US Water Aquatrol. there are a number of reasons that this water softener has scored highly with reviewers. The first is that it comes in two sizes which means that homeowners will be able to find a model that best matches the needs of their household. The second is that it is fitted with controls which allow the user to set the time of day when it starts working and can also allow the user to set the preferred hardness of the water. With an output of 20 gallons per minute it is suitable for heavy use.

The GE 30,400 Grain water softener offers great value for those households that want a water softener that really performs. It can also help with power saving.

Water Filter And Softener

The fleck 5600 water softener system is another great choice. Has built a reputation as being incredibly reliable. Great user interface via an LCD panel and an exceptional 5 years warranty have made this a favorite with users.

The Aquasana Whole House Water Filter and Softener is a fantastic piece of equipment. Aside from softening water without the need for salt or other chemicals it will also remove chlorine from water and eliminate contaminants such as rust and metals, as well as pesticide residue.

The Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener is a excellent value for money alternative to the traditional water softener. It does not require the use of salt and anyone with even the most rudimentary of DIY skills will be able to fir it with absolutely no problems at all.

Using hard water can have a number of negative effects on the plumbing of the household and the people who call the house a home. By using a water softener the homeowner can ensure a batter quality of life for the entire family. It’s an option that is well worth exploring.

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