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How Can I Promote My Link to More Readers?

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So, you’ve done your research, wrote a stunning post, proofread it, and included some amazing images. Now you just need to stick it on a blog or website and let the kudos roll in, right?

Sadly, it’s not quite that simple. If you don’t have a large database of readers, then your post could well go un-noticed. You will need to get people to come and check it out – and there are several ways that you can do that.

Social Media Really Works

One of the easiest ways to promote your content is to get out there on social media and share it. The trick here is to resist the temptation to spam. If you have an active Facebook profile where you engage with a lot of people, then you can post it once on there, and hopefully get a decent response. If you’re active on Twitter then post your link on there a few times to see what response you can get ?

Why post once on Facebook and several times on Twitter?

Well, Facebook and Twitter are used in different ways, and their feeds operate differently. With Facebook, the half-life of a post is quite long. You could post something in the morning and there’s a good chance that your friends will still see it even if they don’t check Facebook until that evening. Some posts keep cropping back up in people’s feeds for a few days, let alone hours, if they generate comments and discussion. Read about A Beginner’s Guide To Basic Marketing Strategies .

With Twitter, if someone follows a lot of people (and most people on Twitter do) then there is a good chance that the post will get lost in their feed in a matter of minutes, let alone hours. So, the best idea is to pick times when you know your target audience is likely to be checking Twitter – before work, in the lunch hour, and early evening, perhaps – then post then. Or, if your post is something to do with an event or a conference, post it while that is happening, using a relevant hashtag so that it gets noticed.

With luck your post will attract attention, and from there you might get people to link to your page on their blog or to share your post on their own social media feeds.

If you have more than one website, you can add your link to the other sides. You should do this only if your page is relevant though. Do not start cross-linking websites that have nothing to do with each other. This will only backfire and leave you at risk of having your site penalized in the search engines. The days of comment spam, link spam and similar black or grey hat practices are long gone !

SEO takes time, consistency and patience. Don’t expect to get a steady stream of traffic to your content with just a few quick posts. If your article or page is something with lasting value, be ready to promote it on a regular basis. Know about local search engine marketing company .

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