Fall Activities to Keep Kids Busy

Autumn leavesWork at home moms can always use more whine-free time and while the flexibility of being at home lets you spend more time with your kids, sometimes you just have to work. As a work at home mom of two toddlers, I find myself facing this problem quite a bit and am always on the lookout for fun projects to keep them occupied and happy for a few minutes while I finish up an article or a blog post. Printables are particularly handy because you just print and the kids can work with them.

How about a rousing game of Thanksgiving Bingo for older kids? Just print the colorful bingo cards and let your kids mark them with pennies (so they can replay as many times as they like and save paper).

Kids of any age will enjoy making some fall leaves out of coffee filters and markers and you won`t mind using them later to decorate.

For a huge list of printable crafts that will keep your kids going for HOURS, check out this page. There are literally hundreds of activities here for kids 2 and up.

Why not get your kids to make you a fun cornucopia mosaic using just torn bits of paper? It could potentially keep them quite occupied . . . first with the ripping and then with the gluing! Get your toddlers to rip and tear and then help them create the mosaic later when you`ve finished your work.

These Readymechs are both cute and weird at the same time . . . which makes them ideal for kids! Easy to fold, you can simply download the PDF, print and cut these. Great for playing with afterwards, or just collect them..

If you`re up for a bit of mess, this is a great way for kids to create their own stamps . . . from Styrofoam meat trays! No knives required and they can be as creative as they like.

For a really great fall craft, have your kids whip up some pumpkin suncatchers! You can print the pattern here.

Get ready for Halloween by printing out some fun African masks to color, or just make your own by cutting eye holes in the middle of a paper plate and let the kids decorate as they please. Add an elastic or yarn tie to wear.

For the more mechanically minded of your offspring, this site has a wealth of printable car models, among other things. Go to this page to create a 3D Turkey. Most seem fairly easy to put together, but are probably for about 10+, depending on the dexterity of the child.

Do you have some fall crafts to share? As long as they are something kids can work on mostly on their own, go ahead and drop the link in the comments.

Photo by Dominic`s Pics

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  1. Genesis says:

    Well, thanks for creating it, Amanda, it`s a really neat craft.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for linking to the Mosaic Cornucopia I created for Kaboose! I’m glad you liked it, my kids thought it was pretty cool too :)

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