Desperate to Work from Home

Work at Home in Progress has a very good article for parents who are desperate to work from home. Stephanie gives a very honest view about how difficult it can be and suggests a few options, including blogging.

Personally, I don´t feel that blogging is a good place to start for work at home moms who are on their last penny. It takes months or even years to build a blog up to where you are earning decent money, especially if it is your first! Although it can be a good sideline, if you are scrambling for cash, there are better ways.

For example, I would suggest selling handicrafts on places like Etsy or eBay. It´s quite a bit faster than a blog. And, if you have anything at all to sell, be it paintings, furniture or services, set up a website immediately. You can get a decent free website if you don´t have the cash to buy a domain name and pay a hosting company, but you should move over as soon as possible to a paid service so you can eliminate extra ads.

The next step would be to set up a free PayPal account and then do up your website with a sales page, an About page, and a catalog of your products or services. Information products are easiest to sell because you don´t have to keep an inventory or buy supplies. However, people also tend to think of them as being of a lesser value than actual physical products.

For example, I started off with a very basic website on Piczo, to sell niche article packs. After a month or so, I sold a couple of packs and was able to move over to a proper host.  Now, I´m not making a huge amount off this site, but it does have the potential to be big if I were to focus more on it.

If you are interested in starting out online, here are a few resources that you should check out:

Free Websites (which permit selling)

- Piczo This is a pretty user-friendly site. You can make it look quite professional, but they have pop-up ads as well as banners that they place on your site.

- SiteKreator A more complicated site. They offer professional templates, but everything is managed with weird icons that take a while to figure out. You can use your own domain name here, which is a good idea if you can afford about $8-10 a year, but not monthly hosting fees.

- Blogger (for sales blogs) I know I said that blogs aren´t a good place to start, but if you are dead set on starting one that sells products, Blogger is a good free place to start off.

Paid Webhosts

- Host Gator This is my host and I´m quite happy with them. The cheapest package starts at $6.95. Their support is fast and useful.

- Dreamhost I haven´t personally used this service, but have heard rave reviews about it. They offer great value, just $7.95 a month.

Domain Names

- GoDaddy I highly recommend this service. It´s where I buy all my domain names (25 now!) and they frequently have sales on domains. Get a $2 discount on any .com domain name by using the coupon code OYH3 at checkout.

Online Merchant Services

- PayPal This is one of the most widely accepted online merchants. Although there are a few complaints about them, they are still your best bet when starting up. Start off with the free Personal account, then upgrade to Business once you get more sales. The Business account is still free upfront, but they take a percentage of incoming transactions. You can accept credit cards through PayPal, as well.

- Moneybookers This isn´t nearly as popular as PayPal, but I do see it here and there.

- BidPay This is a service aimed at autions, but it should be usable with a regular site as well.

Other Websites to Check Out

- GeekySpeaky Great place to learn about SEO (search engine optimization). The forum is very handy and everyone there is super friendly. Just ask your question and someone will be happy to help you.

- Associate Programs If you want to get into affiliate marketing, this is a good spot to start. There is plenty of information for beginners to advanced marketers and a very extensive affiliate directory.

- Clickbank Here you will find hundreds of information products for your website.

Blogs to Read

- eMoms at Home This blog is specifically aimed at work at home parents, but focuses on online business. Definitely worth subscribing to.

- ClickNewz! Another good internet marketing blog that you should be reading if you are going to be trying to earn online.

- Problogger This is THE blog to read if you plan to try your hand at blogging. Very good information and it will take you several weeks to read through the archives.

Do you have any other resources that you would like to add?

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    6 Responses to “Desperate to Work from Home”

    1. blog says:

      I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

    2. incomegator says:

      Hey great post, keep up the good work. I am starting my own blog in a month and am pretty excited.

      I checked out “Sitecreator” that was mentioned in this post, very cool site.



    3. Genesis says:

      Very good point, Sandy. It is all a process and the longer you take to start, the longer it takes to earn. I didn´t earn much for my first three months or so online. Now, I´m doing pretty well, considering all the pies I have my fingers in!

    4. Sandy Naidu says:

      The trick is to just get started. A lot of people spend way to much time thinking, planning and then the whole process will end up looking very daunting and then they give up. You don’t have to start earning right from day one or even right from the first month. Just get started, read and read and educate yourself and keep improvising your ideas and the money will start flowing. Working from home is addictive. Once you start it you can never go back.

      Love your blogs…


    5. Genesis says:

      Of course, you are a great resource, Laura! :D

      I don´t think a website is necessarily the BEST way to earn money, there are faster offline ways, but carrying on with the idea from Work at Home in Progress, I think selling online is a better way to earn than through a blog. Although you are right, you need to build traffic.

      Personally, I didn´t have much trouble with traffic because I chose a great domain name and was high on Google very quickly, with just a bit of tweaking.

    6. Laura says:

      Well, of course I’d like to add Work From Home Momma as a resource! :)
      This is a good list of resources, some of which I knew about, and a few that are new to me. The thing about relying largely on a website to sell your products on a website is that you must simultaneously build traffic to the website and create the product. However, a website can be a useful tool for a business that is already on its way. In fact, it’s almost expected.

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