Dealing with Criticism

When you become a mom, you automatically open yourself up to criticism. Whether it´s a friendly relative telling you that your child will suffer a terrible fate if you let him run around without socks, or a complete stranger berating you on the street for having your children out without hats, you are bound to run into some form of criticism from the time you first divulge that you are pregnant.

This criticism carries on over to home business. Some people will feel obliged to tell you that working at home is bad for your children, or that you won´t be able to work. Others will question your choice of career. However, not all criticism is negative. Constructive criticism, while still hard to swallow, can be very useful in home business. Since you are working on your own, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and outside comments can help you improve.

Lifehack has a great post on 7 Effective Ways to Deal With Criticism. I highly recommend reading it, it might just help make those unpleasant comments easier to take!

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    1. Genesis says:

      That´s for sure! Thanks for stopping by and congrats on a great article.

    2. Thanks for linking to my article on dealing with criticism. – There always seems ample opportunity to try and put it into practise. :)

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