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Children’s Gift to a Mother

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Moments shared with family is one way of teaching a child that communication and time is an important factor to show love, to express something and this is the highest expression of appreciation. Children have many ways in showing their gratitude to their parents since children are more than thankful for their parents, and they show it in different ways. One of the important godly characters a child can have is to be thankful and full of praise. As parents are the foundation of a child’s manner and character, children should know the way to show respect and love towards their parents and the people around them.  When children appreciate, they are recognizing and enjoying the good quality and care of their parents’ love. Showing appreciation is an attitude of gratitude, along with showing appreciation you are showing kindness, politeness and respect. Children show appreciation by saying “Thank you” and “I love you”. One of the five languages, physical touch is one way of expressing gratitude and love towards a person. A touch on the shoulder, a hug, a kiss are an acknowledgment of something.

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