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Champions School of Real Estate

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What is it?

For more than 3 decades, Champions School of Real Estate has been providing quality education to real estate agents in Texas. Rita D. Santamaria, the owner, founder, and the CEO started Champions School of Real Estate in 1983 with a mission to produce the whole education experience to new license holders. The total education experience includes being up-to-date with the latest information in the real estate industry; taught by qualified teachers who are passionate about their profession; an appropriate learning environment.

The school’s objective is to allow licensees aim distinction with the help of our quality education. This can be done through their two small objectives: To help licensees pass the state exam; To ignite your latest profession in the real estate industry.

The Champions School of Real Estate boasts their award-winning licensing and post-license education courses offered in several structures particularly convenient to students with busy lives. Interested students can pick from live classes or online education. The school provides classes every day, with the day, night, and weekend schedules available for your choosing. Online post-licensing courses are offered to potential students residing in Oklahoma and Florida. The school has future plans to provide education beyond the state of Texas this year. The Champions School of Real Estate backbones expert teachers, an award-winning curriculum, and a customer-centered team whose objective is to make sure you reach and prolong success in your real estate profession.

The school’s mission to offer the best education to a varied and committed group of students with these three methods: classroom; online; correspondence delivery. They do this by offering quality education that is directly relevant to the institution’s professional objectives and the public they provide services. A staff with applicable and reliable experience helps to aim the school’s goal by providing a quality education.

What is the Real Estate education in the Champions School of Real Estate?

The Champions School of Real Estate has been offering quality real estate education for more than two decades. Their concentration has constantly been on providing an outstanding educational exposure. Whatever level you are in your real estate profession is not relevant as they have the perfect educational courses for you, whether you need to learn before taking a licensing exam, an annual education to improve your career, or a continuing course to maintain a running profession.

Licensing Courses

This is the very first step towards your career in the real estate. The licensing courses provided by the Champions School of Real Estate are precisely what you must have to jump-start on your path to success in the real estate industry.

Prep Courses

Master the state exam through our prep course. You will gain confidence and knowledge to pass the state exam on your first attempt.

SAE Courses

After learning the basics, maintain a running career through our SAE. This is a requirement for first-year licensees. Topics included in the course are ways to take advantage of your educational dollar.

MCE Courses

Be informed with the latest trends, laws, and regulations in the real estate industry through the school’s potent continuing education courses that will provide you with the latest changes and information that allows you to be in sync with a constantly changing industry.

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