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Best Commercial Realtor in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Commercial Real Estate is the property that is used solely for business purposes and is leased out to provide a workspace rather than a living space. It is used in commerce and is customarily quoted in annual rental dollars per square foot. Commercial Real Estate ranges from a single gas station to a vast shopping center, office space, hotels, strip, malls, restaurants and convenience stores are included. It is then categorized into three classes. Class A represents the buildings in terms of aesthetic, age, quality of the infrastructure, and its location. Class B are older than class A. Class C are the oldest, in need of maintenance and is located in a less attractive area.

Colliers International is one of the best Commercial Realtor in Ohio. It was one of the first global companies to expand their operation in Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America. We are committed to providing our clients with access to emerging markets around the world. Today, they are aligned with a single brand and leadership, to provide the clients with best-in-class resources while maintaining their historical flexibility and local ties.

The core of Colliers International is service, expertise, community, and fun. These values gave guidance to the company and their employees how to live and work. In their service, they create positive and memorable experiences by exceeding the expectations both in business outcomes and in personal interactions. Their service approach with clients and colleagues is defined with integrity, ethics and empathy guide. Their expertise on the field is their pride in order to create success for their client and for the people. Fresh and imaginative approach to their client and their work is molded with their passion for continuously expanding knowledge. With their community extension, they are deeply committed to the communities in which they operate and to build sustainable business practices, environments and workplaces. They show compassion to those who are in need, they value and respect the differences and individuality of each person. As the company is serious about their work, to have fun they value an optimistic, energetic and dynamic work environment that helps emphasize social and business interaction.

Colliers International has a mission of being a leader in the global real estate, which is defined by their spirit of enterprise. Through a culture of service excellence, a share of initiative that they integrate the resources of real estate specialists worldwide to accelerate the success of our partners. Their vision is to deliver the best service experience that is shared by our leaders and professionals.

They are honored by many professional associations and independent publications as a leader in the real estate for their business accomplishments and passion for innovation and social responsibility. They have been given the award of Global Outsourcing 100: World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors, 2006-2012 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands, 2010-2012 by The Lipsey Company. With the local awards of MIDWEST REAL ESTATE HALL OF FAME, COSTAR TOP PRODUCERS CLUB, LIFE BENEFACTORS AWARD BY THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES, EVEREST AWARD, and INNOVATION AWARD.

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