Start Prepping for Summer Now

I know, you’re still in the middle of winter, so summer feels far away, but it’s just around the corner! The kids will be out of school and it’s going to be chaos. If you want to get a jump start on productivity this summer, now is the time to plan. Here are a few ways you can get ready for having kids out of school now.

1. Research camps. You’ll need to register for many camps months in advance. Decide now if you want your kids to go to a day camp or an overnight camp and start doing some research on your options.

2. Stock up on supplies. Keep an eye out for sales on school supplies (great for buying arts and crafts goodies), toys and such. Grab them now and save them in a special box that you can dig into when kids need something to keep them occupied. Dollar stores are also a good place to check out.

3. Set aside special days. Mark family days on the calendar now so you’ll be sure not to book client meetings and work stuff on those days. Then stick to them. Your kids will be much easier to handle if they know they will get you to themselves on specific days.

4. Pin a few ideas. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to kid activities. Seriously, there are some awesome ideas there! So take a few minutes every week to pin a few ideas. Or just check out my boards.

What are your best tips for prepping for summer vacation?

Are You an Online Casino Novice?

The online casino industry really has boomed over the last decade, with new casino sites springing up all the time. If you haven’t at least had a try at playing slots online, let alone all the other casino games that are out there, you’ll be one of a minority of people.

Part of the reason that interest in playing online has really rocketed is that the casinos have made it so easy for us to play. You don’t even have to put any money down to start playing. If you choose to, you can sign up to a casino site and start playing real money games with credit that is given to
you by the casino. This is known as a no-deposit bonus – in return for registering a payment card and signing up to a site, you get a small amount of credit which you can use playing games during a limited time period.

Of course, the hope is that you’ll love playing casino so much that you decide to put some of your own money into the account. And then, you get another reward. This time it’s called a welcome bonus, and most sites will either match or double the amount a new player puts in – up to a certain limit, of course. Take a look at to get the lowdown on some of the major online casino sites, where you’ll also see what kind of bonuses are on offer.

If you decide to deposit cash in a casino account in order to secure the bonus, you need to read the terms and conditions attached – they all have them and some are more restrictive than others. What
you shouldn’t count on, though, is being able to withdraw the bonus cash from your account. In
theory, it’s possible, but you have to meet a wagering requirement in order to do so, and this would
mean re-investing the bonus amount a multiple number of times. So, it is better to view the bonus
credit simply as that – credit that will stretch the initial amount you put into play a little further.

But, if you simply enjoy playing the games for the fun of it, and aren’t really playing the games in the
hope of having one of those big wins, then it’s not necessary to put any money into playing casino.
You can simply sign up and play in demo mode. Most sites offer most of their games in demo mode,
and if the one you’ve looked at doesn’t, it won’t take you long to find another that will.

Playing in demo mode is a way of trying out a game and placing a few dummy bets before you feel
confident enough in how the game works to place real bets. However, if you just enjoy the fun of
trying out roulette, baccarat, or blackjack, you can just stick to demo mode on a permanent basis. It
can be just as entertaining, the only downside is that if you win big in demo mode, you don’t have
anything real to show for it!

Little Mistakes Have Big Consequences

A couple years ago, I made a mistake. Someone wanted a month of advertising on this blog and somehow ended up with a subscription payment. I had a number of advertisers at the time and didn’t stay on top of things the way I should have . . . so two years went by without either of us noticing the error.

She recently contacted me to rectify the situation, which meant giving a refund. It was the right thing to do, since I should have been better at monitoring and staying on top of everything (I suspect pregnancy brain had something to do with it). Unfortunately, this came at a very bad time. Things have been in a bit of a mess lately, with my oldest son having health problems, my husband being diagnosed with diabetes just before Christmas, and I was robbed just after the New Year, among assorted other issues.  All in all, not a good time to be bleeding money, but because I didn’t set up a better system years ago, it came to this.

Pay attention to what you’re doing in your business. Even small mistakes can have big consequences and it’s very likely they’ll fall on top of other problems. It is surprisingly easy to avoid many problems if you take the time to set up a system to handle routine things like advertising.

Kicking Your Business Up a Notch in 2014

Have you decided where you’re going with your business in the new year? It’s the perfect time to reassess your plans and ideas and start making those goals.

We all make big goals for New Year’s, but now that January is half over, it’s a good idea to take a second look. I know I didn’t get off to the start I’d hoped to and it made me realize that some of my goals were a little ambitious, thanks to the whole new year ideal.

How are your business goals going?

A Fun Night for Free with Online Bingo

Image by Anders Ruff Custom Designs

When you’re at home with young kids, the days are usually filled with plenty of activity around them and you don’t end up with much time for yourself. That’s why, for many mums, those couple of hours after the kids are in bed become ‘me time.’ The trouble is that by the time you reach your me time, you can be pretty worn out and not feel like doing very much.

But sitting watching TV can get a little tedious night after night, so it’s a good idea to have a couple of different options up your sleeves. With most of us having broadband access at home, there are plenty of possibilities for ways to be entertained. One of the many options to is to play online bingo, and by doing so, you’ll be joining a club of millions of other online bingo players.

The game of bingo has always been good value – as the price per ticket has always been so low. But you can play for even less online – you don’t need to factor in the cost of travelling to get to a bingo hall and other costs like booking a babysitter to watch the kids. But when you join a site like bgo, the value gets even more apparent. That’s because you can join in and play the best free bingo games at bgo once you’ve made a deposit onto your bgo account. There are free games to join in at any time – you just have to go to the free bingo tab to find out when the next game is starting.

While some online games require a lot of strategy and planning, playing bingo is something you could do almost with your eyes closed. All you need to decide is which games to play and how many tickets to buy. Then, once the game is in play, there’s very little for you to do apart from sit and watch your bingo ticket’s progress as the numbers are called out. You don’t even need to cross any matching numbers off – the software does this for you.

So bingo online can be really quite relaxing and a good way to unwind after a busy day. Things change, of course, if you have good luck and nearly all your numbers come up – you’ll then be on the edge of your seat in anticipation of a big win. There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever win at bingo, but then people are winning every day, so there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be your turn one day!

As well as being fun and good value to play, there’s one other reason that so many people choose to play online bingo and that’s the social side of the game. While you’ve got a bingo card in play, you can enter the bingo chat room and talk to other players there. There’s always a joke or two being passed around and you can enjoy some company while you keep an eye on your cards to see if today is the day that you’ll get a full house!

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