Tips for Online Bingo

Who here loves playing bingo? Well, I am a fan of this game! But when it comes to playing online bingo, there are some tips and tricks to help you make the most from out of your game.

1. Take Advantage of Welcome Bonus:

Most of the bingo sites offer welcome bonuses. With the free Play a few games of each variant on offer and then make small deposit in order to play on those bigger jackpot games.

2. Check the Terms and Conditions:

It is better you read terms and conditions of the site by doing so you won’t be disappointed while you try to withdraw your winnings and will be knowing what the wagering requirements of the site.

3. Listen to What Your Fellow Bingo Players Tell:

A huge part of any online bingo sites are the chat rooms. Gradually it might be a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of the site you can often move quick fast in the chat rooms. However, you will understand bingo lingo by reading the chat made among other players. On some sites like GameVillage Bingo there are chat moderators who will guide you with all your queries.

4. Word of Mouth:

Listen to your friends who play online and find out on which sites they play at. Share other bingo players experiences to find out the best available site that suits your needs. GameVillage Bingo know this and often encourages players to refer- a- friend by offering amazing bonuses. If you refer- a-friend of yours to site, and if suppose your referred registers and makes a deposit you and your referred friend get £25 each.

From exclusively promos, bingo games, the site also has other casino games to offer. For more details click here and have amazing bingo experience.

Free Online Course to Improve Your Health & Business

Elizabeth PurvisElizabeth Purvis is founder of Goddess Business School®, high-multi-6-figure biz owner, priestess and a mom! She’s also in my oil entrepreneurs group on FB and she’s done amazing things with both business and health. If you’re interested in learning from someone who really knows her stuff, she’s offering a FREE online course this Thursday!

You’ll discover simple practices to bring essential oils into your everyday life, plus how to get started quickly – so you can see results right away. You’ll also get a brief sneak peek into how to use the oils to transform your wealth!

On top of all that, Elizabeth will be sharing some very special bonuses from her Goddess Business School® which make attendance worth your while!

Interested? Join Elizabeth on Thursday, May 21, for an amazing look at essential oils and how they can change your life and your business. Click here to learn more.

Gearing Up for a Work at Home Summer

working at home with kidsKids will be out of school soon . . .are you ready? Trying to get your work done while your children are home all day can be a bit of a challenge, but I have a few tips on how to manage it, without losing your mind.

Get a Mother’s Helper

All kids are out of school, which means teens, too! This is the perfect time to hire a kid for a few days a week to come entertain your younger children. You’ll get peace of mind, the teen gets some cash and it works out well for everyone!

Check the going rate in your area and then contact a teen or two that you trust. Decide on a schedule (three mornings a week, every weekday for 2 hours, etc.) and discuss it with the teen to see if they would be interested. Since you’ll be home, you can hire younger kids for the occasional time when you need to finish a deadline and just need someone to play a board game with your children.

Schedule a Fun Day

My kids start to get pretty annoying when they haven’t had enough time with me. To prevent this issue, I try to plan at least one or two days of fun time where we all spend the day together at the park or doing something else that they love. We plan this ahead of time so they know that they’re getting a specific day to spend with you. This works wonders for helping kids leave you alone while you work!

Do a Childcare Swap

Know another work at home parent? Arrange to alternate looking after each other’s children one or two days a week. If you get several parents together, you can each have the kids for one day a week (or morning) and the other days you get time to work on your own. This works best for those who are already friends, of course, but you can often find like-minded people in your area.

Go Together on a Nanny

Nannies can be expensive, but they’re usually well worth the cost. If you just can’t swing the full amount, however, you may be able to split the cost with another family. Depending on how many children you have, you can often do a nanny-share where you either have the nanny for a certain number of days a week and the other family has her for the remaining days, or you can simply have the kids together under one person’s care. The latter works best if each family only has one or two children.

What are your go to methods of getting work done when the kids are home for the summer?

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The Business of Essential Oils

Anyone who has read my blog recently knows that I’ve recently become quite interested in essential oils, namely those from doTERRA. Apart from being a wonderful help for my family (seriously, Serenity oil blend stops my toddler’s temper tantrums in their tracks 90% of the time!), the oils are a good business opportunity and one that I’ve really been enjoying.

This is one of the things that motivated me:

Pretty inspiring, huh? This definitely got my attentino when I was starting out. I’m still early in the game, but things are going well so far.

There are a number of ways to earn with doTERRA.

1. Commissions. Send people to your website and earn 25% of all sales.

2. Power of 3. When you have three people in your downline, with a minimum of 600 OV (overall volume or team volume), you get $50. When each of those three have the same thing, you get a bonus of $250. Expand that to the third line and you get paid $1,500.

3. Downline commissions. You also get a percentage of your downline’s sales. Unlike most companies, doTERRA pays MORE the deeper your downline goes, to encourage building.

4. Fast Start Bonus. When you refer someone to doTERRA, you get 20% of all their purchases for the first 60 days.

5. Loyalty Rewards Program. This is a program that earns you back points on all purchases. You start out at 10% usually and move up to 30%. You can then use your points to “buy” products for free!

Interested in learning more about this business opportunity? I’ll be posting from time to time here, but you can also check out my Family Oils blog or, to get a jumpstart right now, attend my Facebook class (free!) starting Monday. It will run for four days and will cover everything you need to know about running a doTERRA oils business.

I’ve had a few people write me about essential oils lately and most of them aren’t from Guatemala. Since I can’t do a class in each area where my readers and friends live, I decided to do an online class. Best part? You don’t even have to go anywhere! You can literally attend in your jammies . . . or sans, if you so desire.

doterra essential oils giveaway

The class starts on April 6th, but you can sign up now to make sure you don’t miss anything. It will run for four days and there is NO specific time to attend, you can just check the posts and enter the giveaway each morning, then check to see if you won in the evening. So far, not a lot of people are coming, so you have a really good chance of winning!

Here’s what we’ll be looking at:
Day 1: What ARE essential oils?
Day 2: How to use essential oils
Day 3: Single oils, blends and products
Day 4: The best way to get your oils

Feel free to invite your friends, or contact me about hosting a class online and getting a $25 gift certificate. You can click the image above or check out the class here.

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